(national institute 
for training and application) is a non-profit association created from the “Centre de Culture Ouvrière” (workers’ cultural centre), founded in 1945. For 70 years through its different departments, it has provided advice, follow-up and training, for thousands of young people and adults, in order to help them succeed in their professional life through vocational education and training.

Within an economic situation that increases unemployment, the main ambition of INFA is to make it easier for unemployed people to find a job, to help people to change career or to be promoted thanks to a large choice of trainings that meet the current needs of companies and thanks to relevant educational strategies, which are the result of a long experience in qualifying professional training for adults.

Alain Langlacé, Chief executive


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 A 70 years’ experience training, social promotion and professional qualification


Our trainings are constantly adjusted to the needs of companies and to the evolution of jobs, thanks to a permanent partnership with different firms, state and private organizations and professional fields.

Our trainings are diversified and suitable for a large public : INFA offers trainings which are open to different levels of qualification; people who apply for training have to meet very specific requirements that may be different according to the kind of jobs that they are aimed for. Much attention is paid to the candidates’professional plans during the selection stage.

We provide a comprehensive intervention scheme before and after training : advice, help to carry out professional plans, skills and qualification assessments, follow-up during “V.A.E” (Professional Skills Validation) steps, follow-up during job-hunting.

Our teachers are skilled and enthusiastic and have in most cases a relevant professional experience.

Our teaching methods are efficient and encourage individual plans within a group and active commitment of the trainees in the different stages of the training.

Our teaching strategy, which INFA has been implementing for a long time, is based upon the model of sandwich courses and upon teaching methods, in which action plays an important role. It matches trainees with companies, which support the trainees by helping them improve their skills and gain experience. The model of sandwich course matches theory with practice and enables the trainees to achieve concretely what they have learned in the INFA training centre to become step by step real professionals.
By stimulating thinking, initiative, personal commitment and a sense of responsibility, our lively approach of training helps our trainees succeed to find a job and integrate in their new professional environment.

Our teaching tools are modern : multimedia centers, labs to study foreign languages, international mobility programs, workshops...


 afaq 9001  Permanent quality is guaranteed : INFA has been certified as a ISO 9001 (International label of quality) 2008 Version.


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Varied trainings and additional services :

  • Qualifying training and training for people switching to a professional field
  • Sandwich course
  • Training leading to a diploma
  • Continuing education
  •  “Made-to-measure” continuing education with placements in companies
  • Pre-qualifying training
  • Information about jobs
  • Advice and follow-up
  • Skills assessment
  • Information about VAE (working skills validation) and follow-up
  • European and international exchanges


Six different fields

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     fleche socialSocial work - Medical and social Coordinator
     fleche tourisme Tourism
     fleche commerce Trade - Selling management
     fleche restauration Hotel management - Catering
     fleche audiovisuel Broadcasting technologies Multimedia - Office automation
     fleche art Art jobs - Entertainment - Events organization


Trainings are aimed at varied kind of people

• Unemployed people within trainings recognized by State, regional and local authorities
• Wage-earning people: within a continuing education scheme or within a contract of professional training
• Young trainees
• Other people with no specific goals


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Les partenaires

L'INFA travaille depuis toujours avec un vaste réseau : entreprises, associations, institutions, organismes de formation, ils partagent avec l'Institut les mêmes valeurs. Ils sont nos partenaires.

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Notre engagement qualité

afaq 9001L’INFA depuis sa création s’est toujours engagé à fournir des prestations de qualité au bénéfice de ses stagiaires. Cet engagement est aujourd'hui certifié par le label ISO 9001.

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