Your partner for skills and employment

The INFA Foundation continues a pioneering commitment that began more than 70 years ago, inspired by a social, human and innovative vision. Throughout its history, the passionate involvement of INFA serving social advancement and access to employment through vocational training has given it its place among the biggest players in its field.


Today, the INFA Foundation, recognized to be of public utility by the French government, must be able to count on the mobilization of its historical partners and create new sustainable partnerships to develop its mission in the context of accelerated economic, social, cultural and technological changes in our society. The INFA Foundation intends to reaffirm its role and action in the interest of the general public by remaining faithful to its values; its history and its unique intervention model, while investing in innovation in order to face the challenges of our time.

The core of our pedagogical project reflects the founding values of our institute:



  • Improving professional competences, as a guarantee of access to employment and job security and as a means of gaining professional autonomy,
  • Action, as a pedagogical principle to acquire genuine professional skills through lived experiences combining soft skills, vocational skills and knowledge,
  • Education, as a fundamental precept of individual and collective development and the learning about citizenship,
  • Support in order to guarantee the success of individual training paths and integration in employment



The fundamental mission of the INFA Foundation, going back to 1945, is the support of young people and less qualified adults to access employment through vocational/ professional qualification. 

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